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    I love how many people on tumblr have the same obsession with string lights that I do.

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    How to build a dome

    All Photos © Steve Areen

    This is awesome.

    this is some tattooine level shit right here

    but who has money for this though


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    other miscellaneous photos of abhorsen’s house

    made in sketchup

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    Whoo, Abhorsen’s House! As a kid, the Old Kingdom was my Fillory (I am Quentin Coldwater, I don’t even want to talk about it), and I would still move there or to Attolia in a heartbeat if my real parents ever show up one day to take me back to where I really belong.

    Based loosely off the Tarot, I’m doing a set of the four aces. Each scene depicts the “potential energy” of that suit, and so I’m choosing places based on each of the four bloodlines, mostly because the Old Kingdom is very place-specific, (and there were conveniently four bloodlines for the four suites!) and Nix does such a damn wonderful job of describing the scenery without like, puking trees and mountains all over you. (I’m looking at you, epic fantasy writers. You know who you are.) So this the Ace of Bells (as a bell is a bit of an inverted cup, after all) for the Abhorsens who are all very water-based, not only with Abhorsen’s House being in the middle of the Ratterlin, but also their connection to the river of Death and how closely their work is tied into empathetic energy, and the hard choices we have to make to keep the natural order of things the way it should be (inverted cup, after all.)

    So, yeah. Multi-layered nerdiness going on over here.

    Oh shit, also I totally took some liberties with the house’s layout. But you know, creative license and all that, right? I almost forgot about the massive fig tree in the middle of the garden - wtf, am I right?

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    The Durga Temple, Aihole, Thomas Biggs, 1855-56, Albumen silver print, in Fergusson 1866, 
    Plate 71, reproduced here from Traces of India (2003, p. 133).

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    Tristram Lansdowne

    Featured in our upcoming issue!

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    Soviet Bus Stops Christopher Herwig

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    Tetrapylon gate in the ancient ruined city of Aphrodisias, Turkey on We Heart It.

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    Artist Lives in Egg-Shaped, Floating Micro-House for One Year

    To explore “the meaning of place at a time of great environmental change”, artist Stephen Turner teamed up with the association of SPUD Group and PAD Studio to build the “Exbury Egg”, an egg-shaped micro-home that floats on water. 

    Designed to be “tethered” like a boat, this unusual little house is made to “rise and fall with the tide”—containing bare necessities like a shower, a stove and a hammock bed, the Exbury Egg allows its occupant to more directly experience the seasonal cycles and processes of nature. 

    From 15 July 2013 to 14 July 2014, Turner will be living and working inside and around the house, documenting his unique one-year residency in the micro egg home on his blog.

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